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Advanced Orthopedic Care

Veera Hospital Provides Advanced Orthopedic Care for Your Needs

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Veera Hospital

Veera Hospital Founded as Veera Clinic in 2019, we’ve evolved into Devekottai’s top orthopedic institution. Our mission: excellent orthopedic care, affordability, and compassionate healing. Your trusted choice in orthopedics.




Joint replacements, spine care, sports injuries, trauma, hand and foot treatments - everything under professional supervision for your musculoskeletal health. .

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Spine Care

Surgeon of the Spine Expert in sophisticated operations that restore spinal health with accuracy. Our expertise is in your mobility and comfort. .

join replacement

Joint and Replacement

Replacement of a Joint Precise surgical procedures that restore movement and relieve discomfort. For joint health, rely on our experience. .

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in-patient department

We prioritise patients, creating a compassionate and empathic atmosphere for them to rehabilitate in.

Emergency care

Our skilled orthopaedic team provides unrivalled medical quality, helping patients back to health.

Our Doctors

ortho specialist in devakottai
Dr.V.Sivakumar MBBS.,MS.,(ortho).,FIJR
may include diagnosing orthopedic conditions, performing surgeries, providing patient care, and staying updated with medical advances.
Dr. P. Manikandan
Diagnoses/treats dermatological conditions, conducts research, educates patients, collaborates with peers, ensures ethics, and safety.
Dr.V. Balasoundhar
specializes in dermatology, diagnosing & treating skin conditions, and patient care.

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Our Expert Orthopedic Team

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Comprehensive Orthopedic Services

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Patient-Centric Care

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Advanced Facilities, Optimal Outcomes

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24/7 Orthopaedics Care24/7 Orthopaedics Care


Patients Say

Hospital have kind staffs and good hospitality. We consulted Dr.Sivakumar for my mom’s arthritis which got resolved in less then two visits. We had a very nice experience coming here.

Veena A

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