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Orthopedics & Traumatology

Expert treatment for fractures, dislocations, and traumas. Our orthopaedic professionals assure your rehabilitation and long-term orthopaedic health. Our top concern is your recovery.

Joint replacement surgery

Our skilled surgeons execute precise treatments to restore joint function and alleviate pain, therefore enhancing your quality of life. You may rely on us for complete joint treatment and long-term comfort.

Revision Replacement Surgery.

Revision replacement surgery is a technique that replaces defective artificial joints in order to improve mobility and relieve discomfort.

Spine injuries

Comprehensive care for spinal disorders. We restore spinal health and mobility with competent care, from non-surgical methods to sophisticated operations.
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Joint preservation surgery

Revision replacement surgery is a technique that replaces defective artificial joints in order to improve mobility and relieve discomfort.

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Sports medicine/ ACL Reconstruction

Sports medicine specialises in ACL repair, which helps athletes regain knee stability.

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Arthroscopic surgery

A surgery that uses tiny incisions and a camera to assess and repair joint problems. Recovery time is reduced.

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Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Through treatments and interventions, specialised care is provided to improve function and quality of life.

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Hand and foot care

Comprehensive services for maintaining and treating hand and foot disorders, supporting general well-being.

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Non-surgical management of spine injuries

Tailored ways to pain relief and function improvement that do not require surgical intervention.

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Geriatric orthopaedics

Care for older persons that focuses on musculoskeletal disorders to enhance mobility and quality of life.

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PaediatricĀ orthopaedics

Specialised musculoskeletal care for children, promoting healthy growth and development


Our dermatologists provide excellent skin care and treatment. Trust us for healthy, bright skin, from common issues to complicated ones.


Our skilled cosmetologists offer personalised beauty treatments and procedures to improve your look and raise your self-esteem. With our help, you may realise your full beauty potential.


Our trained neonatologists specialise in infant care, guaranteeing the greatest possible start in life. You can rely on us for skilled newborn care and assistance.

Patients Say

We had a very good experience with Dr Sivakumar arthroplastic surgeon. My father was struggling badly with osteoarthritis and had been struggling with pain for so many years. When we met the doctor he insisted on knee joint replacement. Initially we hesitated but after surgery my father is so much relieved of symptoms. He is moving actively more like 20 years back. He is so happy and comfortable now after joint replacement surgery. Doctor clarified about the myths of replacement surgery and made us take a good decision. Thank you sir.

gowthami jaganathan

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